Board of Directors
Members at Large

Nancy Moore

Ashley Moore
Vice Chair

Danielle Fifer

Rose Selman
Vice President

Cheryl Chamblee

Abby (Petroski) Oliver

Bill Alford
Bingo Representative

Joe Carver

Shirley Dane

Monique Howell

Larry Jones

Faye Lane

Angella Lyles

Mike Winner

They say what goes around comes around, and for those who live their life with the purpose of doing good things for other people, what comes around is a legacy of love that never dies. The Bubba Moore Memorial Group is a nonprofit, charitable organization that raises funds for local organizations and people in need of assistance primarily due to health-related issues. Formed in 2004 in honor of William Fowler "Bubba" Moore, Jr.'s life, the organization has become the legacy of a local Good Samaritan.

"He was larger than life; Bubba had the uncanny ability to be everywhere," muses Danielle Fifer, a close friend of Bubba's. "He never missed an event. He never missed a beat. Bubba was just a great friend to everybody and to this community."

Bubba was known throughout the Bryan/College Station area for his "Bubba's Briefs" section in TV Facts magazine, and also for living in a Plexiglas house inside Post Oak Mall (above right) for 45 days to raise over $150,000 for Habitat for Humanity. On the last day of his stay inside Post Oak Mall, Bubba raised some $60,000. His death after a two-month battle with liver cancer came on the morning of a benefit held to raise money to help his family with mounting hospital bills. Bubba was self-employed and had no medical insurance. All of the items auctioned at the benefit – including a disco ball and a rather precocious calf – had been donated by businesses and other members of the community that Bubba loved and cared for so much.

"He lifted people up in the community," says Rose Selman. "If there was a cause or a function that needed publicity, he was the guy to go to."

The nonprofit organization formed in Bubba Moore's name hosts an annual Friends of Bubba Golf Tournament to raise funds and to carry on Bubba's legacy of helping those in need. Benefitting organizations include Twin City Mission, Health For All, Still Creek Ranch, Hospice Brazos Valley, Scotty's House and other local charitable organizations. Members of BMMG want donors to know that every cent of the money raised by the foundation is distributed to organizations, individuals and families meeting certain criteria. To date, BMMG has given $750,000 to those in need.

Besides playing in or being a sponsor of the annual golf tournament, another way that people can support the Bubba Moore Memorial Group is by going to Brazos Valley Bingo on Monday nights. BMMG is one of five local charities who benefit from proceeds taken in at the local bingo establishment.

For more information on how to get involved with the Bubba Moore Memorial Group or the annual golf tournament, visit www.bubbamoore.org.